Divorce Day – The First Working Monday In January

Christmas is a time of love and happiness, spent with the ones that you hold dear. For some couples this is not always the case and solicitors have seen an increase over the years in the number of people enquiring about divorce on the first working Monday in January – known as ‘D-Day’. What has caused this phenomenon? What you can do if you are considering filing for a divorce in the New Year?

Financial Strain

One of the biggest reasons why couples may file for divorce in the New Year is the financial strain experienced over Christmas. A Censuswide survey of 1000 divorced and married couples showed that 1 in 6 stated that financial difficulties such as unemployment had, or would have had an impact on when they divorced. However, people are beginning to consider when is the most convenient time financially for them to file for divorce, and because of this, we may see the Divorce Day trend begin to slow down.


Many people tend to see the Christmas holidays as a time for reflection. Many couples try to relight the spark over the Christmas period, as more time is beginning to be spent together. However, if that spark cannot be reignited people begin to consider giving up on the relationship and marriage. Often people tend to choose to wait until after Christmas in order to not ruin this special time for their children or other members of the family.

Amicable Disputes

The breakdown of a relationship can be a difficult time for all of the family, in particular children. A relationship breakdown can be difficult, but here at HRJ Foreman Laws, we can provide you with sensitive, and highly professional legal advice in order to resolve your divorce amicably.

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