Probate (uncontested)

As a firm we charge based on hourly rates which are reviewed annually.  Some firms charge a percentage value of the estate or a combination of percentage and hourly rates, this is not something we agree with and prefer to charge a reasonable fee, based on time spent in administering the estate.

Our specialist probate team comprise of:

  • Jane Marland – Director - Hourly rate £210.00 plus VAT
  • Robert France – Director - Hourly rate £210.00 plus VAT
  • Parmjit Johal – Senior Associate Solicitor - Hourly rate £190.00 plus VAT
  • Jenny Teall – Associate Solicitor - Hourly rate £160.00 plus VAT
  • Rachael Griffiths – Chartered Legal Executive - Hourly rate £135.00 plus VAT
  • Kelsey Lynch – Paralegal - Hourly rate £95.00 plus VAT

Our aim is to begin the probate and estate administration process by meeting with the family to discuss the deceased’s estate and the action which will need to be taken in order to administer the estate in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.

You will be given a quote either at that initial meeting or shortly thereafter once a member of our team has had an opportunity to consider the assets held and the likely time it will take to conclude matters.

In general terms, the administration of an estate can be broken down into two stages as follows:

Stage 1- Obtaining the Grant of Representation

The Grant of Representation provides those entitled (the Executors or Administrators) legal authority to deal with the deceased’s assets.

In order to obtain the Grant, two documents need to be completed, namely the Oath and Inheritance Tax Return.

The Oath is a straightforward document, which will need to be sworn.  The Inheritance Tax Return provides HMRC with details of the estate assets/liabilities at date of death and calculates whether tax is payable.

To complete those documents, the estate will need to be valued by registering the death and obtaining information required from third party banking/investment authorities.

Once valued, the application will be prepared and submitted to HMRC and the District Probate Registry.

If Inheritance Tax is due, a payment will need to be made before the Grant can be issued.

If no tax is due, it is likely a shorter Inheritance Tax Return can be completed.

Please note the court will charge £155.00 to issue the Grant and 50 pence for each additional copy requested.

Stage 2 – Collecting in the Estate and Distributing

The Grant will need to be registered with all interested third party banking/investment authorities together with instructions regarding closure, sale or transfer.

Monies will be received and estate liabilities settled.

The deceased’s income tax affairs to date of death, as well as income tax due for the administration period will need to be settled with HMRC. 

The estate administration concludes following the preparation of Estate Accounts which will set out the estate assets/liabilities and ultimately the basis upon which the estate has been distributed.

It is difficult to give an exact time estimate in administering an estate as we are to a large extent, reliant on the response time of third parties.  However in most cases it takes between 3 to 6 months to obtain the Grant of Representation and 12 to 24 months to complete the administration.

As noted above, you will be provided with a quote by one of our probate team but as an indication, our  charges for administering an “average” estate, i.e. dealing with both stages detailed above, would be in the region of £2,000.00 to £3,000.00 plus VAT.

You may only require assistance in completing the application papers.  If so, our charges for preparing the necessary documents will be:

  • Where no Inheritance Tax is payable and the shorter Inheritance Tax Return can be completed - in the region of £850.00 plus VAT, plus court disbursements as noted above; or
  • Where Inheritance Tax is payable and a full Return is needed - in the region of £1,250.00 plus VAT, plus disbursements as noted above.

If the estate includes a property and you require our firm’s assistance in dealing with its sale, a separate quote will be provided by our conveyancing team.

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