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Has your family situation changed? Do you need divorce advice? Do you need help with arrangements for your children?

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The decision to start divorce proceedings is one of the most difficult decisions you will make in life.  It is essential you find the right solicitor to represent you and act in the best interests of you and your family.

Here at HRJ Foreman Laws, our team of family law solicitors are based in Welwyn Garden City and Hitchin. We specialise in family and matrimonial law. Our clients recommend us for our friendly, knowledgeable and jargon-free approach. We will guide you through each step of the divorce proceedings, taking your unique circumstances into account.  

We are members of the family law group Resolution and follow their professional code of practice. We have a qualified collaborative solicitor and can offer a ‘roundtable’ approach to resolving matters, helping you to avoid the stress and expense of going to court.

Make an appointment with one of our family solicitors in Hitchin or Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, today.   We also have an office in Mayfair, London, if you prefer to meet us there.

Our experienced family law team will help you with:

  • Relationship breakdown
  • Divorce
  • Dissolving a Civil Partnership
  • Separation
  • Matrimonial finances
  • Children law / Child arrangements (previously known as child custody)
  • Pre-nup/Post-nup Agreements
  • Cohabitee disputes
  • Living together Agreements

Protecting your finances during a divorce

Reorganising the family finances can be a complex process during a divorce or separation

You may be concerned about: 

  • The financial arrangements for your children and their future care
  • Where will you and the children live?
  • How will the assets be divided?
  • Will you have enough income to meet your day to day needs?
  • What practical and legal steps will you need to take?

We will work closely with you to negotiate the division of the finances.  This may include collaborative law, mediation, arbitration or an application to the court.  Also, where necessary we will work with barristers, forensic accountants and valuers to find the best solution for your unique situation. 

If you need advice about family finances during a divorce contact our Hitchin or Welwyn Garden City office today.

Children and child arrangements

When a relationship breaks down it can be an emotional and uncertain time for everyone, especially the children.  Sometimes parents are unable to agree on the best approach for the children and will need support to find a decision that works for everyone.  

Here at HRJ Foreman Laws, we have extensive experience in all aspects of resolving issues in relation to children (previously known as child custody.) We will handle your situation sympathetically and fairly, aiming to find the best solution for your family.

Our experienced family law team will help you with:

  • Child arrangements order
  • Specific issue order
  • Prohibited steps order
  • Parental responsibility order
  • Leave to remove application

If you need advice on any matters about children law or child arrangement orders (previously known as child custody) contact our Hitchin or Welwyn Garden City office today.

Collaborative Law or Family Mediation

Collaborative law puts you and your partner/spouse in control of the separation process.  All negotiations are conducted in four-way face to face meetings with a view to achieving a fair settlement.

If you wish to use the collaborative approach, you will first need to ensure that you and your spouse/partner are committed to it.  Then the next step is to instruct a solicitor trained in this area of law to represent you.   Our team at HRJ Foreman Laws Solicitors are qualified collaborative lawyers and can help you through the entire process.

Alternatively, if prefer family mediation, we can refer you to a mediator. Family mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that helps you to reach decisions and joint solutions through discussion with an independent mediator.  It can include arrangements for children, finances and property matters.  Then, when you are ready to move forward, we will help you to prepare the necessary documents to formalise your agreement and ensure they are legally binding.

For more information about collaborative law contact our Hitchin or Welwyn Garden City office today.

Pre-nuptial or post nuptial advice

A pre-nuptial agreement (pre-nup) or a post nuptial agreement (post-nup) may be an important consideration for many couples. They are often used to tailor and structure financial affairs involving family members, children or business interests.  As a result they can act as a safeguard in the unfortunate event of a divorce.

Pre-nup or post-nup agreements are not currently legally binding under UK law and do not carry the same weight as a Court order and will not ‘automatically’ be upheld or enforced by an English or Welsh court in the event of a divorce and/or disagreement.  However, the Courts will scrutinise prenuptial and post nuptial agreements as they do provide evidence of the parties intentions towards each another, should a relationship breakdown.  They are one of the factors that a court may take into account when looking at all the circumstances of your case. 

When determining whether a pre-nup should be upheld, a Court will consider if:

  • both parties’ had independent legal advice?
  • either party was under any duress to sign the agreementbeen a significant change in the parties’ circumstances resulting in it being inequitable to uphold the agreement?
  • there was full financial disclosure?
  • both parties understand the agreement?
  • the parties entered into the prenuptial agreement less than 21 days before the marriage? If yes, it is less likely to be persuasive on a judge, should the parties get divorced.
  • there has been a significant change in the parties’ circumstances resulting in it being inequitable to uphold the agreement?

If you are considering a pre-nup, contact our Hitchin or Welwyn Garden City to discuss the best approach for you..

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